"We're only 15 days into March and already we've experienced an 800% increase in sales compared to last year"

June 20th ONLINE, 7pm - 8:30pm SAST

There are 4 very specific things we worked on with them to get this result!

  • We got really focused on what they want to achieve and put numbers and timelines to it
  • Got really clear on their ideal target client and went from trying to serve everyone to getting really focused on 1 ideal client
  • Created a message that spoke directly to that client and positioned them as THE go to in their industry, taking them from being average and then same to exclusive and irresistible
  • Created an offer that was irresistible to their ideal client and packaged it in a way where the clients couldn't say no

The interesting thing with them is that they're in an industry where most of their competitors are shutting their doors, while they are booming.

If you want to learn how you can set up and use your LinkedIn profile to get results like I have just demonstrated above, then this is the next ideal step: